Over 50’s Residential Village built with QT EcoSeries

Houses in the 'Over 50's Residential Village' built with QT EcoSeries

QT EcoSeries Wall Panels have been used on all the houses built so far in an “Over 50” development at Ballina.

Finalising Stage One and soon to start Stage Two the complex is an impressive development encompassing over 60 dwellings.

By using QT EcoSeries Wall Panels each home has got a highly insulated wall system with a 90 minute fire rating, allowing the occupants to have peace of mind and be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Recycling Polystyrene to manufacture building materials.

Recycled polystyrene for manufacture of Conpolcrete

Recycling Polystyrene to reduce landfill and at the same time produce quality building products is a great win-win for Queensland. QT Systems currently recycles between 400 000 and 500 000 litres of polystyrene that would otherwise be going to landfill each week. We are able to convert this waste into Conpolcrete, the material which makes up the QT Systems products. Conpolcrete offers a lightweight, fire, acoustic and thermally rated product that is easy to work with and quick to install. (more…)

Aged Care Development constructed with QT EcoSeries Wall Panels

TriCare Bayview Retirement Community built with QT EcoSeries Wall Panels

QT EcoSeries Wall Panels have just been used on a two level 44 bed aged care facility currently being finalised at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast.

The developers wanted a system that offered them high energy ratings through the walls but also offered a fire rating.

Acoustic performance was also a requirement and the QT EcoSeries Panels meet all of these requirements.


About Us

QT Systems: Manufacturers of cost effective, environmentally responsible, lightweight masonry building materials.

Our masonry building materials are sought after due to the many excellent properties and benefits. All our wall panels are: Fire Rated…………YES; High Thermal Insulation…………YES; High Acoustic Insulation…………YES;  High Recycled Component…………YES;

Low Embodied Energy.………..YES; Lightweight Construction…………YES; Reduced Waste…………YES; Quick Installation…………YES.

ALL THIS IN ONE PANEL………….UNIQUELY YES!!QT Systems wall panels are Fire-retardant and so are suitable for use in bushfire prone areasQT Systems wall cladding is Ecofriendly and uses recycled materialQT Systems masonry building material have excellent insulation propertiesQT systems wall panels have won awards due to their engineering and environmental considerations

QT Systems currently offer EcoSeries, an external walling system, and EcoClad, an industrial shed system. All of these systems have high thermal and acoustic insulation but also have the benefit of being fire rated. QT wall panels are fire rated 90/90/90.

All systems are made from ‘Conpolcrete’, a patented formulation made from recycled polystyrene, cement and binders. QT Systems currently recycle approximately 500 000 litres of polystyrene each week that would have otherwise gone to landfill. The company is committed to continually developing innovative products for the construction industry.

All new products that are launched are strenuously tested through internationally renowned testing facilities providing reassurance that all systems will meet any regulatory standard it is designed to meet with the certificates to prove it.
So please don’t hesitate to contact QT Systems and see if one of there environmentally responsible systems can’t be used in your next development.