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The following product comparisons will give you an easy reference to the uniqueness of QT EcoSeries Wall Panel. QT EcoSeries Wall Panel is the only product on the market that has High Insulation, Acoustic and Fire ratings, normally External Wall products will only achieve one or two of these characteristics not all three.

Product Comparison 1

Cladding TypeConpolcrete®AAC ConcreteFibre CementPolystyrene
Thickness (mm)5050850
Size (mm)2250 x 9002400 x 6002440 x 12002400 x 1200
Recycled70% (by volume of material)NoneNoneNone
Cavity (mm)204016None
SarkingVapour permeableNoneVapour permeableVapour permeable
BattensTimber / MetalMetalMetalNone
Batten DirectionVerticalHorizontalHorizontalN/A
CuttingHand SawDiamond bladeMasonry bladeHand Saw
FixingFace button and ScrewRear masonry screwsFace ScrewsFace button and Screw
JointingExpanda FoamAAC AdhesiveEdge to EdgeExpanda Foam

Product Comparison 2

TestQT Systems EcoSeries Panel
AAC Panel
Clay Brick
Concrete Block
Fibre Cement Sheet
Fire Resistance Level (FRL)
90/90/90 or better
90/90/9090/90/90Not all brick can be used in Fire Walls120/120/120 if corefilled with ConcreteN/AN/A
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
FZ=Flame Zone
As per AS 3959 part 9.4.1cN/AN/AN/ABoundary Wall system required to achieve AS 3959
No Spread of Flame
Ignitability Index = 0
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 0
Smoke Developed = 0-1
Ignitability Index = 0
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 0
Smoke Developed = 0-1
Ignitability Index = 12
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 3
Smoke Developed = 0-5
Ignitability Index = ?
Spread of Flame Index = 0
Heat Development = 0
Smoke Developed = 5
High Thermal EfficiencyYESNONONOYESNO
K-Value Reference
(Lower value = Higher Insulation)
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
Thermal conductivity
R-Value Reference
(Higher Value = Higher Insulation)
R Value = 0.714 W/m²Kt
R Value = 0.313 W/m²K
R Value = 0.030 W/m²K
R Value = 0.052 W/m²K
R Value = 1.13 W/m²K
R Value = 0.016 W/m²K
Other Benefits
Super light-weight
Less than 20kg/m²
50mm = 19kg/m²
Based on material density of 380kg/m³
50mm = 28kg/m²
Based on material density of 561kg/m³
Approx 200kg/m²
Based on average brick weight of 4kg
Approx 180kg/m²
Not corefilled
50mm = 0.675kg/m²
Based on SL Grade material density of 13.5kg/m³
9mm = 11.5kg/m²
Based on material density of 1285kg/m³
Quick and easy installationYESNONONOYESYES

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